Tourbus & Covid-19

Late January I visited Italy to go and watch a bus. Goal was to buy a double decker and use it to tour all over Europe with bands, artists and/or crew. There were still some repairs which had to be completed and a new M.O.T. had to be done as part of the deal.

The planning was made as such that we were expecting it could get into service the upcoming summer … Not expecting the whole world was going to face the consequences of Covid-19. Northern Italy was in a total lockdown and the bus was still in Lucca, right below the closed area but getting there was practically impossible.

At the moment 2020 will be a lost year which is very annoying but on the other side, we do have lots of time to really do a proper job on redesigning the interior of our future tourbus, the way we want it.

Still parked at the garage