This is how it really started …

A performance with Vannstein in Martigny, Switzerland got me started, thinking about going to gigs far away, that it had to be possible to do it in a more comfortable way. To be all crammed together in a small van while you have to drive such a long way was absolutely not pleasant. When we later had to play in the south of France, that van was not quite something I was looking forward to.

But this show with Vannstein, The Ultimate Rammstein Tribute in Switzerland was really fun to do. Also getting up the next morning, opening the curtains of the hotel room and having a mountain view you normally see on TV, was amazing. Yes, I hadn’t seen it when we arrived in the dark at night. The phone call from the promoter when we were already on our way home that we were by far the best band (yes, the sound was also mentioned) was very cool to hear.

Vannstein @ Martigny, Switzerland

By the way, Baba Yaga is also starting to look a bit more like how she will be. I will be posting another minor update soon