Welcome to the maze

In the past two weeks, nothing really happened to the bus, but in the background there was quite some activity. Now that the top floor is empty and all seats are on a trailer in the storage, the big “what-is-this-and-where-is-that” quest began. For example, we had been looking for a water tank for the toilet for a lóóóng time (it had to be hidden somewhere in the bus), a new lock for the toilet door and I was mainly looking for a technical manual and a user manual for the bus.

Although some book was included with the bus, a lot of pages were missing and/or torn, it was also completely in Italian. So, I either had to buy a new door lock from a Belgian company that was far from friendly or somewhere in Naples, which made it quite expensive again because on the delivery costs. This week my father-in-law came by and he took the lock with him to come back the next day, after some fiddling, with a fixed lock. This morning I was able to pick up a HUGE book with well over a 1000 pages from a coach company who used to run the same type of bus, with almost all possible parts and technical drawings of the bus. This afternoon I finally found someone who, before I even realized it, suddenly sent me a user manual with more than 300 pages. In German, but that still reads a lot better than Italian.

What about that water tank? Yes, we’ve found that too. While measuring the lounge, we suddenly saw a plastic cover with just one screw in it. So, curious as we are, we removed the cover of that thing and then … the water tank !!! Only the connection to fill it … ??? That will also succeed at some point. We have now started creating the seats in the lounge (pictures will follow later) and the first parts for the beds have been ordered.

To be continued…