Dark times

I had been waiting for weeks until the weather would be sunny again. Not particularly for the bus but to sell my motorbike which has been parked in the garage for almost a year without being used. Because it would be a waste it being sat there not being used, and I could use the money very well too, to put in the bus, I decided to sell it but I needed some dry weather to make some pictures of it.

So, I drove off towards the dyke keeping the Waddensea wet and our house dry. One turn to the right, waited for some bicycles crossing the junction, 400m from home, on the edge of our village, drove off again and before I could blink my eyes, my rear-wheel slipped and I fell on the road. Driving not even 5km/h, really?!?!?!

Turns out I actually broke my ankle and went straight of to the O.R. for some surgery ending up with a metal plate and five screws. BIG disappointment! Besides having broken my ankle and that it hurts, it also means a delay of at least 6 to 8 weeks because I won’t be able to work on the bus.

X-Ray during surgery

Perhaps I’ll have to start creating part 2 of “How to create a tourbus” to put on YouTube. Have you seen part 1 already?