Posh looking dimmers

So I found these brilliant dimmers. Looking really luxurious and they work perfectly. Well …, almost …, the one thing you’d like it to be in a sleeping quarter is that it’s as quiet as possible. Fortunately we’ve fixed the problem, but it wasn’t a nice surprise powering these dimmers up for the first time.

More bad luck

We had some more bad luck this afternoon. A rivet for mounting the separation walls turned out to be too short. Of course we didn’t check it before and luckily we ran out of air for the rivetgun, otherwise we had to cut two wooden plates again. Now it was only one smaller plate. But have you seen the first bed?!?! 😃 It’s not finished but, wow, it’s really starting to look like something.

Woman not included in the standard price
First bed at the top


After some “minor” difficulties, we’ve continued with cutting wood for the separation walls of the bed bunks. It’s really great to have the tent up and having an oil heater to get it comfortably dry and warm