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To be honest, Social Media is not our strongest skill but nevertheless, the old witch, Baba Yaga, has now also got an Instagram and Facebook account where you can see small updates and, maybe for in the future, some nice and/or interesting promotions and actions.

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Making the best of a crap situation

Brilliant!!! I’m stuck in bed with a broken ankle after an accident with my motorbike. But I don’t want to focus too much on what I can’t do so I might as well make use of the situation and make part 2 of creating “Baba Yaga” into one of the coolest Bandbus/Nightliner.

It’s always fun to share updates about the whole process. These days it feels a little frustrating that I can’t work on the bus because of just one, really silly, accident. Oh well, I could better make the best of it and forget about the things I can’t do right now.

If you haven’t seen part 1 yet, go to


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Dark times

I had been waiting for weeks until the weather would be sunny again. Not particularly for the bus but to sell my motorbike which has been parked in the garage for almost a year without being used. Because it would be a waste it being sat there not being used, and I could use the money very well too, to put in the bus, I decided to sell it but I needed some dry weather to make some pictures of it.

So, I drove off towards the dyke keeping the Waddensea wet and our house dry. One turn to the right, waited for some bicycles crossing the junction, 400m from home, on the edge of our village, drove off again and before I could blink my eyes, my rear-wheel slipped and I fell on the road. Driving not even 5km/h, really?!?!?!

Turns out I actually broke my ankle and went straight of to the O.R. for some surgery ending up with a metal plate and five screws. BIG disappointment! Besides having broken my ankle and that it hurts, it also means a delay of at least 6 to 8 weeks because I won’t be able to work on the bus.

Perhaps I’ll have to start creating part 2 of “How to create a tourbus” to put on YouTube. Have you seen part 1 already?

This is how it really started …

A performance with Vannstein in Martigny, Switzerland got me started, thinking about going to gigs far away, that it had to be possible to do it in a more comfortable way. To be all crammed together in a small van while you have to drive such a long way was absolutely not pleasant. When we later had to play in the south of France, that van was not quite something I was looking forward to.

But this show with Vannstein, The Ultimate Rammstein Tribute in Switzerland was really fun to do. Also getting up the next morning, opening the curtains of the hotel room and having a mountain view you normally see on TV, was amazing. Yes, I hadn’t seen it when we arrived in the dark at night. The phone call from the promoter when we were already on our way home that we were by far the best band (yes, the sound was also mentioned) was very cool to hear.

Vannstein @ Martigny, Switzerland

By the way, Baba Yaga is also starting to look a bit more like how she will be. I will be posting another minor update soon

Welcome to the maze

In the past two weeks, nothing really happened to the bus, but in the background there was quite some activity. Now that the top floor is empty and all seats are on a trailer in the storage, the big “what-is-this-and-where-is-that” quest began. For example, we had been looking for a water tank for the toilet for a lóóóng time (it had to be hidden somewhere in the bus), a new lock for the toilet door and I was mainly looking for a technical manual and a user manual for the bus.

Although some book was included with the bus, a lot of pages were missing and/or torn, it was also completely in Italian. So, I either had to buy a new door lock from a Belgian company that was far from friendly or somewhere in Naples, which made it quite expensive again because on the delivery costs. This week my father-in-law came by and he took the lock with him to come back the next day, after some fiddling, with a fixed lock. This morning I was able to pick up a HUGE book with well over a 1000 pages from a coach company who used to run the same type of bus, with almost all possible parts and technical drawings of the bus. This afternoon I finally found someone who, before I even realized it, suddenly sent me a user manual with more than 300 pages. In German, but that still reads a lot better than Italian.

What about that water tank? Yes, we’ve found that too. While measuring the lounge, we suddenly saw a plastic cover with just one screw in it. So, curious as we are, we removed the cover of that thing and then … the water tank !!! Only the connection to fill it … ??? That will also succeed at some point. We have now started creating the seats in the lounge (pictures will follow later) and the first parts for the beds have been ordered.

To be continued…